Dog Training - Train Your Dog to Sit

Dr. Ian Dunbar explains how to teach your dog the most valuable command in dog training: sit. If your dog sits anytime you want it to, it eliminates so many more major behavior problems.

How to Train Your Dog

Each dog is unique, and can only learn at his own pace. Some dogs learn quickly; others take more time. Patience is indeed a virtue when it comes to effective dog training!

Be kind. This goes hand-in-paw with “Be patient.” Do not lose your temper if your dog does not “get it” right away, or appears to be ignoring you. Please do not punish your dog for not learning quickly enough. As a matter of fact, do not punish your dog at all. We will teach you effective ways to stop or prevent inappropriate behavior without punishment.

Be flexible. If your dog is struggling to learn, be willing to change your training routine. The location may be distracting. The time of day may be too close or far from feeding time. The length of your training session may be too long. The training exercises may need to be broken down into smaller, simpler steps. Be flexible and willing to do whatever you can to help your dog succeed.

Be quick to reward. Always reward your dog’s correct responses. We’re all busy these days, but this is “quality time” for you and your dog. You will both enjoy and benefit from the lessons, so make sure your schedule is adjusted accordingly!

We will discuss many ways to train your dog and share videos also. Dog Training should be fun and not looked as work.


Dog Training Services

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